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Does anybody know if Disneyworld offers free or discounted vacations for terminally ill people (huntington’s }

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6 comments to “Does anybody know if Disneyworld offers free or discounted vacations for terminally ill people (huntington’s }”

  1. Here is my advice and I really want her to have the best time in her life.
    Call the airline Public Relations for free ticket for her. Use the yellow page or use Goggle to find all airlines. I am sure some airline will give the family tickets for free of charge.
    2.Call Disney World PR in person and ask his or her I am 100% sure they will accomodate you and your family for free.
    3. Call the Huntington foundation for Support and ask them to help her at this time.
    4. Make sure you have her health Record on hand because, people can help you better and there are so many people call and some do make up story for free stuffs.
    Have a good time, make the best for her and remember life is short and make the Best of it.

  2. Im sure of you talked to disneyland manger or what ever they would definatly let you in discount or even free, there loverly people!

    Sorry to hear about your wife, your in my prayers.

  3. I am not so sure that free airfare and entrance to Disney world will be as easy as the other answerer thinks. But…his idea to call the Huntingtons support group is excellent. Also you can use the webpage below to contact disney and ask about special programs. They prob. have specific charitable organizations they work with that they can recommend you contact. I doubt that they make arrangements directly with individuals.

  4. Disney really won’t offer anything. They have a good partnership with Give Kids The World which is an independent organization that offers a place to stay for children on wish trips. Disney does treat children on wish trips very well while in the parks, but not so much anything that costs them money.

    You’d have to arrange something through an organization that grants adult wish trips. It’s very possible, but I think you’ll find trying to go through Disney directly would almost be a turn off.

    You may want to consult with those on the DISabilities forum on who may have a much better and effective idea for you.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your wife.
    Please contact the Dream Foundation. They are the Make*A*Wish for adults.
    Hopefully, they will be able to help.

  6. People have all ready mentioned “Make a Wish” and “Give Kids the World”… I think any religious organization would help you too. I know the local churches in Orlando pay for peoples hotel rooms all the time. I know for a fact that Disney itselt won’t help you at all, they never give anything away for free. Also try contacting Deb at, she could probably hook you up with someone that would give you free tickets… her site is partners with several companies that sell tickets.

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